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LEVELUP Arena is the only dedicated esports space in the Midwest, fully equipped to meet the exponentially growing demand for esports by creating a unique destination for all gamers and nongamers alike.

Weekly tournaments and competitions from wide variety of games

The arena boasts equipment like no other esports venue of its kind. Compete with your friends against other players and teams in the local community. We’ll be hosting weekly tournaments and competitions from a wide variety of games.
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We'll have you prepared to compete against the best there is

Beginner to Expert

LEVELUP provides an exclusive path to pro experience with our events

Beginner to Expert

We provide amateur and semi-professional events.

Private Coaching

We'll have you prepared to compete by offering private coaching and gives instructions from Esports professionals

Private Coaching

Over 50 years of professional esports experience within our team

Training Rooms

LEVELUP Esports Arena can help you prepare to compete by providing you our one-of-a-kind training rooms.

Training Rooms

State-of-the-art training rooms provide a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.
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Our equipment

Authentic esports experience with our PC setups and Console setups

Create your very own authentic esports experience with our custom PC’s running i9-10900k CPUs, GTX 3070 GPU, and AOC 144hz 1440p monitors. Also, Hang out with friends and play your favorite games across any platform PS5, Xbox Series S, and Nintendo Switch!

Passion is what drives us

LEVELUP Arena is creating more than just a destination for top-tier tournaments and production facilities for high-stakes tournaments.

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High school series (Launching Fall 2021)

Unique focus on authentic esports opportunities for K-12 students

It is our goal to help usher in a new era of high school competition. With competitive gaming being a great foundation for teamwork, leadership, and critical thinking, more opportunities are there for those with a passion for video games. With our knowledge of league management and esports and the schools’ desire to be innovative, more and more kids will be impacted positively by the inception and continued support of high school competitive esports.

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Attention Parents with GAMERS! LEVELUP is proud to partner with Esports Forge and is thrilled to announce these in-person camps directed towards players of any level who want to level up their in-game knowledge and ability, role-specific skills, and personal excellence toolkit – taking their game to the next level while having fun with the only esports facility built by gamers for gamers.

Certified Coaches will support you with our custom-made curriculum and activities designed to teach you everything we’ve learned in our esports journey and performing at the highest level in the world. Esports Forge puts an emphasis on esports and STEM education. Providing unique paths to career opportunities outside of just gaming.




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